Well . . . hi.

Hi people.

Well. Here it is. Starting a blog.

*waves from behind laptop*

*sips 4th cup of coffee*

Thanks for reading, following, or acknowledging my blog. I will just say this upfront, don’t expect it to be the next up and coming series of “college living” articles in which I pretend I have my life figured out and offer study tips with wonderfully staged pictures of highlighters and a random succulent plant which ended up on my desk next to my laptop for some odd reason. No, it won’t be a series of “devotional” posts either–or some platform from which I lecture my peers on looking up from their phones more often and rage about how “our generation is going downhill’ and disappointing the adults in our lives.

I will do my best to be honest and to inform. Yes, some of these posts will be serious updates-of-sorts. I will be writing about my faith quite a bit. And a lot about what I believe and what I am learning this year. Some of the posts, however, will be pretty random and trivial and you’ll probably find yourselves wondering why I took the time to write about certain subjects.

Nevertheless, I hope that through this blog thing I’m doing some of you who’ve been asking about my life will feel more involved and that we can connect on some level. I’ll try and respond to comments, and if you ever want to discuss something that I rant or post about, please send me a message. I might get back to you.

Also . . . if you don’t actually know who I am, head over to the “about me” page . . . where you will learn more about me. Hence the name, “about me.”

If you’re in the least bit interested in me or what I have to say, or perhaps if you’re just *reaaaaally bored*, please follow or subscribe.

Many thanks.